Friday, March 9, 2012

MobiApp Details

We launched our Android MobiApp on February 12th, 2012. And since then, we have made numerous releases. This post is a Change Log/Bug Fix update for the same.

Description :
CityNaksha MobiApp is a Locational App, which will help you find places around you. Be it restaurants, ATM's, localities or movies. Find out, how to get there and how.

We believe in making rapid releases, so updates will be frequent. There is still a lot to be done, but be rest assured we are working on it. CityNaksha MobiApp is Locations Made Easy, Just For You!

Do use the feedback feature, to let us know what is your experience with our app.

Cities supported :
  • Calcutta
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
Main website :

Features expected in forthcoming releases :
  • Support for more cities
  • Facebook signin integration
  • Search results on map (done since 6.11.16)
Social Network presence :

Change Log :
v.6.11.22 :
  • Design changes
  • Bug fixes for adding 'My Locations'
v.6.11.20 :
  • Design Changes
  • Bug fixes
v.6.11.19 :
  • Poll booth support for Mumbai and Pune
  • Bug fixes
v.6.11.18 :
  • Improved Facebook signin
  • Bug fixes

v.6.11.17 :
  • Problem with using app in Mumbai resolved
  • Road searching made easier
  • Custom location issues resolved
v.6.11.16 :
  • Search results can be viewed on a map as well
  • Bug fixes
v.6.11.15 :
  • Assembly Constituency and Part Number filters for Polling Booths
v6.11.12 :
  • Poll Booths for Kolkata
  • Bug fixes
v6.11.9 :
  • Notification update for new happenings
  • Notification update for new movies
  • Data update processes moved to background services
  • Bug fixes

v6.11.8 :
  • Bug fixes
v6.11.7 :
  • Optimized number of server calls
  • Bug fixes
v6.11.6 :
  • Open any ctnxa link via the app
  • Check new movies of the week
  • UI change (directions button in search results)
  • Bug fixes
v6.11.5 :
  • Refresh data periodically
  • Bug fixes on changing city
v6.11.4 :
  • Home page is more responsive
  • Bugs fixed on Share
v6.11.2 :
  • Happenings can be shared from the app
  • Bugs fixed on the map display
  • Bugs fixed on custom location
  • Bugs fixed on number of happenings displayed
v6.11.1 :
  • New app version notification
  • Cleaner movie/theater halls list
  • Change your location
  • Happening Notification
  • Minor bug fixes
v6.11.0 :
  • City specific entity categories
  • Movie and theater halls can be shared
v6.10.10 :
  • Refresh Route midway
  • Sharing of locations made easier
  • Textual directions removed, show map directions directly
  • Support for plays
  • Bug on repetitions while scrolling results
  • Bug on plays
v6.10.7 :
  • See Public Happenings in your city
  • Tap on landmarks on the map tp see their names
  • Major bug fixes
v6.10.6 :
  • Sharing location of restaurants or movies over Twitter, EMail
  • Small improvements to the UI
  • Minor bug fixes
v6.10.5 :
  • Sharing location of restaurants or movies over Facebook
  • Minor bug fixes
v6.10.4 :
  • Show Map and Current Position in unsupported city
  • Request to Rate App, after every 5 successful uses
    v6.10.3 :
    • Client side logging on server
    v6.10.2 :
    • Bug fixes
    v6.10.1 :
    • App start has been made SUPER Quick!
    v6.10.0 :
    • Calcutta search was displaying results for Bangalore - FIXED
    v6.9.1 :
    • Area Names on map can be removed by tapping on them
    • Movie details show the language as well
    • 2 bug fixes
     v6.9.0 :
    • Maps show colour coded overbridge and underpass segments of route
    • Single links can be looked up from the app
    v6.8.0 :
    • Language and theater hall filters for movies
    • Bug fixes
    v6.7.0 :
    • Area names displayed on map
    • Bug fixes
    v6.6.0 :
    • Reminder to turn on  GPS
    •  Approximate Distance From Source is displayed in list
    • New look for loading image
    v6.5.0 :
    • Show current location on map
    • Exit Button added
    v6.3.0 :
    • Distance from Current Location while listing
    • Alternate Route for Calcutta is displayed based on current time
    • 'General' now works as 'All'
    v6.2.0 :
    • Map shows landmarks at each crossing/junction
    • Direct call option from restaurant details
    • Bug fixes
    v6.1.0 :
    • Support for Maps in Directions
    • Bug fixes
    v6.0 :
    • Data Compression implemented
    • Partial support for Bangalore added
    • Bug fixes
    v3.0 :
    • Conditional One ways (Park Street, Theater Road) taken care of
    • Warning for unsupported cities
    • Refinement in taxi fare
    • Minor Compression
    v2.0 :
    • Total Distance and Approx Taxi Fare feature implemented
    • Feedback now has a link to Android Market
    • Link to CityNaksha's Facebook and Twitter pages added

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Hiring For A Startup - I

    Well, we are going through one of those phases now, where we are bang in the middle of the Hiring Blues! Oh yes, don't mistake it for a unique problem that we are up against. If you happen to talk to 10 different startups, and find out what problems are on the top of their minds, hiring is bound to be one of the top three!

    And honestly, I don't think most of them have managed to solve this either. If you have an idea, you can't get hold of people to execute it. If you have found the right people, you can't hold on to them. And finally, the ones that have managed to hold on to their people, have worked out the game. But there's gotta be a simpler way to get things to work. I mean, after all, there are a lot of people who are looking for work. And there are a lot of startups out there, who are looking for people who are looking for work. So, what prevents the two from coming together?

    Obviously, if I had the answer to this question, I wouldn't have been typing it out on my blog here. I would have probably written a book on it and made a coupla million dollars! :) But I do have some ideas. Will be writing about them, in subsequent posts.

    But I am thinking in terms of :
    1. A quarterly meet up arranged by a brand that is committed to startups and potential employees,
    2. Sponsored/majorly driven by startups themselves,
    3. Targeted at people who are start-curious, are willing to put in the effort to get some mileage in their resume and believe that the brand organizing this event can give them that extra to make their resume stand out
    Will elaborate on this later. But any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated!

    Lets keep connecting the city.
    Facilitator, CityNaksha.