Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pugme Traveller, A Prototype!

Did you know that the dream vacation you took never really happened till you post your pictures on Facebook? :) And I don't necessarily mean that in a sarcastic way. Its a very basic need inside of us, to tell a story about the things we do, the journeys we make! And Pugme Traveller is our attempt at understanding this basic need.

Why Did It Start :
The Missuj and I are travelling to Benares and Lucknow for the next 8 days. And we wanted to share our experiences with our family and friends, while the journey was unfolding! So we quickly rustled up this website, to see how it goes. It has a lot of glitches, and bugs and it looks absolutely horrendous. But this is just a prototype, to figure out if others would also want to tell the stories around their journeys, in a similar fashion.

What Is It :
A website which tracks our location while we travel, posts pictures on the trail, and lets our friends like/comment on them. And if any of you are close by, it lets you come over and say Hi! :)
The map shows three kinds of pins :

  1. Red pins are the places we plan to go to,
  2. Green pins are the places we have already visited and have hopefully posted pictures of,
  3. Blue pins are pictures we clicked on the way
Clicking on a green pin takes you to all the pictures in that album (location)

What We Want From You :
We are basically looking for answers to these two questions :

  1. Would you like to share the story of your vacations in a similar way?
  2. Would you like to follow similar stories of your friends?
  3. General feedback and improvements and features you would like to see
We would insanely prefer it, if you could drop us an email with your thoughts.

Known Bugs :
  1. Though you receive a notification on Facebook everytime we check into some place, clicking on it takes you no where. You will have to separately open this link to access the website
  2. The trail that gets plotted on the map is not very accurate, nor smooth. This is primarily because of the location data that is getting recorded on our phones. As of now, we can't get better data. Hopefully, this will improve in the future
  3. THERE IS NO DESIGN! The website totally sucks, as far as looks and usability are concerned! :( We couldn't apologize more, for this! :( :(
  4. You might get a lot of notifications on your Facebook page (each time we checkin to a place). We ran out of time before putting in a small feature to help you opt out of this. However, you can follow these instructions here, to remove the app called fb4cn - personal from your Facebook settings, and that should stop the notifications
But inspite of all the glitches and shortcomings, we are really, really hoping you will spend some time with the website, and share your thoughts on it, with us. We promise to work on it (after we are back from our vacation), and make it better if we get some decent feedback! :)