Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hiring For A Startup - I

Well, we are going through one of those phases now, where we are bang in the middle of the Hiring Blues! Oh yes, don't mistake it for a unique problem that we are up against. If you happen to talk to 10 different startups, and find out what problems are on the top of their minds, hiring is bound to be one of the top three!

And honestly, I don't think most of them have managed to solve this either. If you have an idea, you can't get hold of people to execute it. If you have found the right people, you can't hold on to them. And finally, the ones that have managed to hold on to their people, have worked out the game. But there's gotta be a simpler way to get things to work. I mean, after all, there are a lot of people who are looking for work. And there are a lot of startups out there, who are looking for people who are looking for work. So, what prevents the two from coming together?

Obviously, if I had the answer to this question, I wouldn't have been typing it out on my blog here. I would have probably written a book on it and made a coupla million dollars! :) But I do have some ideas. Will be writing about them, in subsequent posts.

But I am thinking in terms of :
  1. A quarterly meet up arranged by a brand that is committed to startups and potential employees,
  2. Sponsored/majorly driven by startups themselves,
  3. Targeted at people who are start-curious, are willing to put in the effort to get some mileage in their resume and believe that the brand organizing this event can give them that extra to make their resume stand out
Will elaborate on this later. But any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated!

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