Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PugMe, Will You? :)

No matter what the title rhymes with, we are going ahead with it! :)

Our latest offering from the CityNaksha stables, is PugMe [link]. An app meant for Event organizers, Wedding Planners, Music Fest promoters and what have you. A bunch of people gathering at one place for a specific purpose over a relatively short duration of time (phew), PugMe is what they need. Yes, believe me. Just take my words as gospel!

PugMe is useful to event attendees because it lets you,
  • Find others near you attending the same event,
  • Chat with other attendees,
  • Have a single Help Contact for answering queries about the event,
  • Get location of venue(s),
  • Stay updated on any changes in the itinerary,
  • Get shareable multimedia (images only) of the event from the organizers

There are some new features coming in soon as well,
  • Get urgent announcements from the event organizers,
  • Leave feedback on the event with the organizers,
  • Share your profile (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) with other people attending the event,
  • Allow people you choose, to get access to your email ID and phone number

Basically, PugMe is a way to increase the awesomeness of attending an event! :)

We are currently trying to reach out to organizers and planners, who can use PugMe at their events. So if you are,
  • Event Manager,
  • Wedding Planner,
  • Music Fest organizer
  • IPL/ISL Match organizer (no, no, not a fixer) :)
  • Or pretty much anyone in the event space who wants to use this service
Do touch base with us? We'd love to talk to you, give you a demo, and help you make your events more awesome! :)

This is a short video of what the app looks like, in action.